Mr. Eddiewren Mutumba

Chief Executive Officer

About Me:

Education & Training

As the visionary leader at the helm of Ithlokomeleng Batho Rehabilitation Centre-IBRC, Eddiewren is a driving force in fostering positive change at the intersection of community-police relations, substance abuse prevention, and violence reduction. With a distinguished career spanning 18 years in fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the community, as well as addressing issues related to substance abuse and violence. He embodies a steadfast commitment to building safer and more harmonious communities.

Eddiewren has a track record of success in implementing the Coffee with a Cop initiative in South Africa and Uganda, demonstrating a strategic approach to bridging gaps between law enforcement and communities. Known for Sports Against Crime, CopCare GBV Center, and Day-Out-with-a-cop, He is guided by a vision that emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and a shared responsibility for community well-being.

Eddiewren championed initiatives that bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities, recognizing the vital role collaboration plays in effective community policing. This includes designing and executing training programs that facilitate open communication, mutual understanding, and shared responsibility for community safety. Through innovative strategies, He created a framework where law enforcement agencies and communities work hand-in-hand to address the dynamic challenges of modern policing.

His dedication to collaborative solutions is reflected in successful projects in which IBRC has achieved tangible results in crime prevention, community engagement, and trust-building in collaboration with South African Police Services. He has a background in Psychology.


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