Rtd, Lt-Colonel Chiloane R Christine

Head of Training

About Me:

Education & Training

Rtd-Colonel Christinah Refiloe Chiloane is a training specialist committed to
developing impactful programs, Rtd Col. Chiloane is an expert in designing and
implementing community policing training programs.
A seasoned expert in designing and implementing training programs, Rtd Col.
Chiloane plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the
communities they serve. Her expertise is not confined to the execution of current
training programs; it extends to pioneering innovative approaches that evolve with
IBRC’s growth. As we embark on the launch of new programs and scale our impact,
Rt Col. Chiloane is the visionary architect, ensuring that each training initiative not
only meets current needs but anticipates and addresses the ever-changing dynamics
of community policing. His commitment to cultivating an informed, empathetic, and
effective law enforcement cadre underscores the enduring impact of his role in
shaping positive interactions and fostering safer, more connected communities.