About us

Who we are

Ithlokomeleng Batho Rehabilitation Centre-IBRC is a non-profit organization registered in both Uganda and South Africa that works closely with the police to make the community safer. The organization is dedicated to improving relations between law enforcement and the community. Our primary goal in collaborating with the police is to increase trust, understanding, and cooperation between these vital entities.

IBRC is dedicated to promoting safer communities by working closely with law enforcement agencies to prevent drug abuse and reduce violence. Our programs focus on education, prevention, and community engagement, empowering individuals and fostering a positive environment for all.

Why bridging the Gap between the police and community Matters?

Bridging the gap between the police and the community is crucial for fostering trust, collaboration, and effective policing. It promotes mutual understanding, reduces tension, and enhances community safety by encouraging open communication and cooperation.

The Benefits of police-community engagement

Trust Building

Establishes trust between law enforcement and the community, leading to improved cooperation.

Crime Prevention:

Engages residents in crime prevention efforts, making communities safer.

Youth Engagement:

Engages youth in constructive activities, diverting them from potential involvement in crime.


Holds the police accountable by involving the community in oversight and decision-making.

Reduced Fear

Diminishes fear of police, fostering a more positive perception among residents.

Increased Effectiveness

Enhances the effectiveness of police by tapping into community insights.

Community Policing

Strengthens the community policing approach, where officers work closely with residents to address local issues.

Social Cohesion

Builds social cohesion by creating a sense of unity and shared responsibility.

Positive Image

Develops a positive image of the police, promoting a sense of pride and security in the community.

Problem Solving

Encourages collaborative problem-solving, addressing specific community concerns.
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