Ms. Aber Harriet

Project Manager

About Me:

Education & Training

With a wealth of experience in community outreach and organizational leadership, Ms. Aber serves as the Project Manager of IBRC. Leveraging her extensive background in Operational and Leadership Management, Ms. Aber is dedicated to fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the community, driving impactful change and promoting social cohesion.

Ms. Aber brings a wealth of expertise in community engagement and strategic management to her role as Project Manager of IBRC. With a proven track record of 12 years in Community Policing: Improving Police Efficacy and Building Trust, she is committed to leading IBRC ‘s efforts in facilitating constructive dialogue and meaningful partnerships between law enforcement and community stakeholders.

As Project Manager of IBRC, Ms. Aber combines her extensive experience in Cross-Functional Collaborations with her passion for social justice to drive impactful change. Through innovative programs and initiatives, Ms. Aber empowers communities to actively participate in shaping policing practices, fostering mutual understanding, and building a safer, more inclusive society.